Understanding our local government

I became interested in our local government when I regularly started listening to the Town Council and Boone County Plan Commission meetings. I learned how important it is to have a functioning Town Council working with the mayor's administration to better Zionsville. I've spent a lot of time researching, talking to leaders in Zionsville, and asking important questions. I have provided a list of questions that might be on your mind. I will continuously add to this as I meet with Zionsville residents. 

Zionsville Lincoln mural - Nathaniel edmunds photography

What does the Town Council do?

The Town Council is tasked with helping to decide an array of policies impacting the fiscal and economic health of Zionsville. The Town Council serves as the legislative body and oversight committee by managing an annual budget of approximately $37 million.

Who can you vote for?

There are five districts in Zionsville. You vote for ONE candidate in your district and TWO at-large seats.

District 1 Candidates

District 2 Candidates

District 3 Candidates

District 4 Candidates

District 5 Candidates

At-Large Candidates

How do I vote absentee?

1 - Go to https://indianavoters.in.gov/
2 - Click on ‘Apply Online/Get Forms
3 - Scroll down and click on 'ABS-MAIL: Application for Absentee Ballot’
4 - Fill out the form *using sample)
5 - Email to elections@iec.in.gov


Why is this election important?

When you vote, you are making your voice heard. Your council member represents your concerns and issues. Your vote has an impact on how Zionsville grows, what types of public and private development we promote, and how that impacts our tax base and corresponding tax burden. Plus, it’s our civic duty to vote!

How do you determine your district?

Zionsville went through a redistricting in late 2022. You can determine what district you are in by clicking the button below.

Which subdivisions are in district 5?

It isn't easy to figure out! The list is not inclusive of those that live outside a subdivision but should give you a good idea of where you might be. I strongly encourage you to review the district map. Click the button below to drill further into the map.

Austin Oaks
Bloor Woods
Brittany Chase
Buttondown Farm
Cedar Bend
Colony Square
Colony Woods
Eagle Village
Fox Run
Hidden Pines
Holliday Farms
Mulberry Place
Oak Ridge
Pleasantview Estates
Willow Glen
Willow Ridge
The Willows
Zion Hills

How can you get a hold of me?

Great question. There are several ways.

1) Use the contact form on this web site.

2) Send me an email at tiffanypstoner@icloud.com.

3) Send me a direct message on Instagram or Facebook.

4) Meet me at the library on Mondays at Noon.

How do I get a sign?

Fill out this form. Our team will drop one off to your home.

Zionsville's greatest strengths? Areas of improvement?

- My husband and I moved from Chicago to grow roots and raise a family in 1999. We chose Zionsville because of the warmth of the people, the village charm, award-winning school system, abundant parks and green space, and proximity to the airport - all of which are still important to us. Zionsville has the perfect combination of being relatively urban but being surrounded by rural beauty.
- The public service provided by our fire and police departments is truly unmatched. When my husband was deployed to Iraq with the Army, our home was on the route for each police shift. The level of safety I felt with four children under the age of six was something I will forever be grateful for.

- Zionsville is a desirable zip code but it cannot be described as a whole life cycle community. Many would love our adult children to come back to Zionsville to grow roots of their own in the future. Unfortunately, it is cost prohibitive for most young people starting their careers to afford. In addition, we highly value two groups in Zionsville: our teachers and our public safety officers. But high home prices can make it difficult for these public servants to live in many neighborhoods. To attract and retain the best, we need a range of housing options.
- To ensure future and continued fiscal health, our commercial tax base must increase. It is imperative that we increase our 2-3% tax base to support an aging infrastructure, desired community amenities and public services that need to keep pace with our growth.

Important factors I'd consider for development?

As new commercial and residential developments emerge, infrastructure should be top of mind. Further development and sprawl must be handled carefully and be minimized. I would ask these questions before approving further development:
- Is our public safety (police and fire) adequately equipped?
- Can the roads handle added traffic? - Do traffic lights, cross walks or pathways need to be an intergral part of the plan?
- Has school leadership adequately accounted for future expected growth?
- Should water and sewage utilities be expanded to accommodate future developments? Who should pay for this?
- Have we maintained adequate green spaces and tree canopies, using native plants in landscaping?
- Have we encouraged the use of solar energy and environmentally sound building products?

What I want voters to know about me?

As a 24-year resident, I have a valuable and wide set of experiences. I have a Masters Degree in Information and Communications Sciences from Ball State University. For 17 years, I worked as a network architect and senior program manager for Accenture, one of the largest global consulting firms. I'm also a Zionsville entrepreneur who created an international award-winning photography business with my brother in 2001. We've remained part of the Zionsville fabric since and have photographed countless families. You may recognize me from the pandemic as I photographed 650 families at their doorstep from the rooftop of my truck during a time we will never forget. I've led fundraisers that have raised more than $250,000 for charities I am passionate about.

I look forward to collaborating with a new mayor and Town Council in a climate of openness and mutual respect, while making financial integrity a top priority. We all have decided to serve Zionsville because we love this community - let’s put Zionsville first.

I pride myself on being solution-oriented, collaborative and fiercely resourceful. I have a tremendous amount of energy to give to Zionsville. Leaders should be easily reachable if they truly represent their constituents. Here is how you can contact me during the campaign and beyond:
- I work every Monday at Noon from the library.
- Email me at: tiffanypstoner@icloud.com
- Direct message me on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. I will respond

District 25