I bring a unique set of experiences to the Zionsville Town Council.

I have a Masters Degree in Information and Communications Sciences from Ball State University. I was a Senior Manager for Accenture, one of the largest global consulting firms. For 17 years, I worked as a network architect and senior program manager largely focusing on the Communications and High Tech industry with major US clients.

I'm also an entrepreneur who created an international award-winning photography business with my brother in 2001. We've remained part of the Zionsville fabric since and have photographed countless families.

I've led fundraisers that have raised a more than $250,000 for charities I am passionate about: Habitat for Humanity Women's Build, Our Military Kids, Wish Upon A Wedding, Moms Demand Action and Gleaners Food Bank.

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Small-biz owner

With my brother, I own international award-winning photography studio Nathaniel Edmunds Photography. We've been part of the community for 20+ years photographing around the village. Until the pandemic, our studio was just off Main Street.

23-year resident

My husband, Tim and I moved to Zionsville from Chicago to grow roots and raise a family in 1999. We chose Zionsville because of the village charm, school system, parks and green space, and proximity to the airport - all of which are still important to us.


I am the mother of four children who have all attended Zionsville schools: Briggs (at IU), Gage (senior), and twins Campbell and Emerson (sophomores). We're grateful for the excellent school system, amazing teachers and variety of activities offered.


I'm a proud wife of a Colonel in the Army Reserves. Our family has sacrificed for Tim's Army commitments, particularly the year he was deployed to Iraq. Being the one that keeps the family together is a big job but we're all appreciative of Tim’s service to our country. 



I have enjoyed serving our community by leading many volunteer opportunities important to me, such as: 

• annually leading a Habitat for Humanity women's build 

• teaching Zionsville history to third graders

teaching PE after the referendum failed and our school didn’t have funding for a gym teacher

serving on the after prom committee since 2014 to keep all of our children safe


My husband and I co-authored a book called FamilyPrint based on a blog we wrote during the Iraq War. It is a "he-said, she-said" diary of his deployment, in which he took Indiana’s first Blackhawk unit to Iraq. The Indianapolis Business Journal published the coffee-table book, and it has raised over $30,000 for Our Military Kids charity. We have plenty of books still available. If you want one, please drop us a message.


During the pandemic,  my brother and I created “At Our Doorstep,” a project in which we traveled through Zionsville photographing families during the most historically challenging time for our community and nation. With this effort, we raised over $7000 for Gleaners Food Bank. Also, Reader’s Digest Magazine picked “At Our Doorstep” to represent the state of Indiana in its feature - The Nicest Places in America.


Boards seats for the following organizations:

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Homecoming from Iraq War
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General Wright at The War Memorial
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Women's Build - Habitat for Humanity - Zionsville - Boone County
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Gravy Chase in Zionsville
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