growth in zionsville

Zionsville is the largest geographic municipality in the state of Indiana. I would support strategic, thoughtful growth in both the private and public domains. We need careful development of our business corridors, including Creekside Corporate Park, to support the tax base and provide employment opportunities. We must also foster a positive business climate in all of our commercial areas and support our small-business owners. This promotes the expansion of restaurants, shops, and services that make living in Zionsville both desirable and convenient. 

Additionally, I would be an advocate for careful spending for our parks and pathways. We need to continue to build on our existing infrastructure to connect more of our 'subdivision islands' to our business districts via pedestrian walkways and bike paths, especially along the Michigan Road corridor. Pathways not only support our businesses, residential property values and the environment, but also provide a way for residents to get outside and have fun.

The connectedness and aesthetics of Zionsville can be enhanced by implementing a thoughtful plan that includes making sustainability and climate resilience top of mind. As new commercial and residential developments emerge, our government collectively should consider bike and walk-ability, EV charging stations in new commercial developments, maintaining adequate green spaces and tree canopies, using native plants in landscaping, and encouraging the use of solar energy.

We must carefully shape the future of the community by expanding amenities that serve it best. We should thoroughly review new opportunities, such as the proposed Carpenter Nature Preserve, as well as a possible community center. But we must approach these projects with fiscal responsibility, incorporating the use of public/private partnerships, grants, and economies of scale in an effort to minimize residents’ tax burden